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You’ll find the details down below. Christmas Songs may be Bad Religion’s first holiday album, but marks the band’s second release of 2013, following True North.

Bad Religion guitarist and Epitaph Records founder Brett Gurewitz opens up about the long journey to the punk heroes” 16th album, True North, and how shorter, simpler songs and three-part harmonies reignited their creativity and took them back to their pummeling roots.

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True North is the sixteenth studio album by the California punk rock band Bad Religion, which was released on January 22, 2013. After touring in support of their previous album The Dissent of Man (2010), Bad Religion began writing new material for an album that was planned for release in 2012.

Long-lived Californian punks with a social conscience, Bad Religion hit London to play their tuneful old-school hardcore. They’ve got a new album, ‘True North’, as well as their fifteen previous.

LA’s legendary punk heroes Bad Religion are streaming their new album True North in its entirety starting today, in front of their January 22nd album release…

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Suffer is the third album by American punk rock band Bad Religion, released on the Californian independent record label Epitaph Records on September 8, 1988. True North, having been released in January 2013. $9.49. Christmas Songs. Bad Religion.

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For over 30 years, Bad Religion have carved out a niche as the. corporate greed and the conflicts between philosophy, science, and religion. The band’s 16th full-length album True North– out today.

Sometimes described as the Lennon and McCartney of punk, Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz have billed True North as a return to their original mission statement, and so it is. Its.

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$25 Tickets go on sale Friday to see punk warhorses Bad Religion, who are making a pit stop in Dallas after the release of their brand spankin’ new album, True North, next week. We’ll see if the.

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Reviews Review Policy. 4.7. 3 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Loading. Additional Information. Genres. Rock. Tracks. 18. Released. SoCal punk diehards Bad Religion have honed their style and approach with single-minded commitment. On True North, adrenaline-fast drumming and classic punk power chords once again anchor the deadpan harmonies and.

In case you have trouble reading: Bad Religion, whose 16th album True North drops Jan. 22, tops the bill for opening night, with support from the Vandals and Guttermouth. The reunited Pennywise will.

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Bad Religion performed a blistering set of sing-along punk rock tunes such as ‘21st Century (Digital Boy),’ ‘Los Angeles Is Burning’ and ‘True North,’ ending their set with the radio hit ‘Infected.’.

When Bad Religion returned from hiatus in 1987, the band featured Gurewitz, Graffin, Ziskrout, Hetson, and Finestone. They released Suffer the following year, a record that re–established the group as prominent players in the U.S. underground punk/hardcore scene.

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In fact, Bad Religion may enjoy more fan support now than ever before: Their new record, True North, became Bad Religion’s first to crack the Billboard Top 20. Not bad for a speedy little hostile punk.

Bad Religion’s sixteenth full-length album True North– released in January of this year — continues the band’s lifelong exploration of these topics. Corporate greed is explored on our favorite track.

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He didn’t miss a downbeat all night. Bad Religion were as tight as ever, blasting out songs from its massive back catalogue of albums all the way up to this year’s True North. Everyone seems to.

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Related: See the list of True Religion store closures “After a careful review, we are taking an important step to. It also sells its products in about 500 locations in North America and South.

Bad Religion have posted a stream of "Fuck You," the first single from their upcoming album, True North. The album is set to be released on January 22, 2013. Contests: Win Elway and The Holy Mess’.